Monday, 23 November 2015

Pleat Chic


When these pleated dreams came in last week I had to purchase straight away. They are so comfortable and look amazing with trainers, boots and heels. I've kept the look more casual today with my Zara jumper and my favourite boots. I wear these boots almost every day, definitely got my money's worth with them. They also come in suede now with a marble heel, if u follow me on Instagram you have already seen me lusting over them.  
If your looking at my images and thinking these are good you would be right!! I teamed up with a photographer called Lacey and her photos are amazing. (Check out her page I've linked it) I've been spoiled with her amazing images I can't go back to begging the boyfriend to take my pictures
Top Zara
Bottoms Topshop
Boots Topshop 

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